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Furness GP Leads recognised by Royal College

Three Cumbrian doctors have been recognised for their work in the Furness area.

The Fellowship of the Royal College of General Practitioners has been given to the GP from Furness and a fourth has been asked to lead on children’s services for NHS Cumbria.

The GP leaders from Furness, Geoff Jolliffe of Risedale, Bruce MacDonald of Duke Street surgery and David Waind of Bridgegate Medical Centre have been honoured with the Fellowship following assessment by their peers as to their good standing in and contribution to their local communities and their medical services.

The Royal College of General Practitioners is the national academic body for doctors.

And fellow GP lead in Furness, Dr Mandy Boardman from Norwood Medical Centre has also been asked appointed Cumbria lead GP for safeguarding for children.

Dr Jolliffe said: “This builds on the work Dr Boardman has done in these roles in Furness and is testament to its success and the recognition of that by others that she has been promoted to this role. We can be really proud that a local Furness GP is taking such a prominent role and we wish her well.

“We are all delighted to be honoured but would like to point out that we are only a few of the many clinicians in Furness who are currently striving to raise standards and deliver care to the local population.

“There are very many who deserve such awards and we hope they will receive them in due course. We accept these awards knowing that our Achievements are based on the efforts of many and that our work has only begun and is ongoing.”

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