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Domestic violence

NHS Cumbria is committed to developing strategies for reducing and preventing incidents of domestic violence, improving the safety and welfare of all victims and increasing the awareness and understanding of domestic violence across the whole community.

If you are subject to domestic abuse and would like to discuss this confidentially you can contact independent advice lines at:

'Let go project' in North Cumbria

Tel 01768 892179

Phone lines open Mon - Thurs 9am - 5pm and Friday 9am - 4:30pm

24-hour National Domestic Violence Helpline

0808 2000 247 (calls from landlines are free)

If it’s an emergency, call 999

Alternatively you can talk confidentially to a doctor, health visitor, community nurse or midwife.

Imagine what it's like...

  • living with a bully all the time, but being too scared to leave.
  • being afraid to go to sleep at night, being afraid to wake up in the morning.
  • being denied food, warmth or sleep.
  • being punched, slapped, hit, bitten, pinched and kicked.
  • being pushed, shoved, burnt, strangled, raped,and beaten.
  • having to watch everything you do or say in case it 'upsets' the person you live with - or else you'll be punished.
  • having to seek permission to go out, to see your friends or your family or to give your children a treat.
  • being a prisoner in your own home - imagine being timed, when you go out to the shops.
  • that you believe what he/she tells you - that it's your fault. That if only you were a better mother/father, lover, housekeeper, kept your mouth shut, could only keep the children quiet, dressed how he/she liked you to, kept in shape, gave up your job - somehow things would get better.
  • that you don't know where to get help, what to do, or how to leave.
  • that you can't face the shame of admitting what's really going on to family or friends.
  • his/her threats if you dare to say you will leave. How could you ever find the strength to leave? Will you ever be safe again?
  • threats to find and kill you and your children, wherever you go.
  • permanent injuries and sometimes death.

If you are subject to any of the above, you are the victim of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is physical, sexual, financial, emotional and psychological abuse.

Domestic Abuse – the greatest challenge for the most vulnerable

Not in My Home – not me, not you, not anyone

Domestic abuse is made up of a wide range of different types of abuse and is totally unacceptable. Abusive incidents are not usually one off events and can be seen as forming a pattern of controlling behaviour. All abusive behaviours do not necessarily fall within the criminal justice system. Abuse may be physical, emotional, psychological, sexual or even financial. It is bred on secrets and lies and usually occurs in private behind closed doors. Victims of domestic abuse suffer on many levels. Those experiencing domestic abuse or violence, may feel unable to ask for help or take control of the situation.

Victims may want to seek help, but feel afraid of what the consequences could be. It is thought that over half of the incidents of domestic violence are not reported. Some people fear seeking help in case the abuser or the perpetrator (the person carrying out the abuse) finds out and becomes even more abusive or violent. Many people rely on their abuser for financial support or are reluctant to split up the family by taking the children when they leave. FACT: There are many people who have strong feelings towards their abuser - despite the abuse or violence - and cannot imagine life without them. FACT: Two people die or are murdered every week as a result of domestic violence. is a web based initiative for North Cumbria that aspires to provide a safe environment that allows victims, witnesses, those who are aware of it as a third party, say a neighbour, relative or acquaintance, and even perpetrators to report abuse. Users of the system will also have the ability to report incidents with the choice to remain anonymous. Users can fill in the online form to report an incident, press send, and then they will automatically receive a report number which looks like a telephone number, which they can keep in a safe place should they wish to prove that a report was sent. The report is encrypted in the interests of security and confidentiality, and sent to the Police Public Protection Unit in North Cumbria, and the information is acted on according to the user’s wishes. The user has three choices, just to provide information, to file a report, or request direct action. In all cases the user has the choice to remain anonymous, although they can leave their details if they wish.








It is important for all involved, including the victims, to know that this is not an emergency service such as 999. If people are faced with an emergency, they should call 999 straight away, and if there is a situation which has resulted in an injury, seek medical attention. The contact details of support organizations’ are included in the site, such as The Freedom Project that offer impartial advice to anyone who is experiencing domestic abuse or violence.


The initiative also aims to raise awareness through a radio based media campaign and working through organizations such as housing associations, community groups, and doctor’s surgeries, in the community to make everyone aware that abusive behaviour is unacceptable. Any organization that wishes to be part of the project and has a website can put a link through to the site, and can be provided with the logo for the project to do this, or any further supporting information they wish to include. Posters and leaflets have been produced for receptions and notice boards. Those wishing to take part in the initiative can also have electronic versions of these to print out if they wish. We also have some resources to be able to attend community based events with a display if anyone wishes.


FACT: Domestic violence is a huge problem and is the most under reported crime in the country, and is estimated to account for 25% of violent crime in Cumbria, way above the national average of 16%.


Did you know that in Cumbria?


  • There are 19 incidents of domestic violence per day that are known about
  • Domestic violence accounts for almost one quarter of all violent crime
  • Over one third of all victims will be repeat victims
  • On average women will be assaulted 35 times before reporting it
  • 35% of children in contact with welfare services have domestic abuse as a contributing factor
  • 40% of all female murders and 5% of male murders are domestic abuse related
  • 90% of children are in the same room or next door when it occurs
  • 75% of mothers say that their children witness domestic abuse
  • 33% of children see their parent beaten up
  • 10% of children witness sexual abuse
  • 70% of abusers who beat up their partners also physically abuse their children


To report online anonymously, follow this link: It is a very simple site to use and all users will be able to record a report number for future reference should proof of the report be required.


Not me, not you, not anyone should have to accept domestic abuse.


For more information on the initiative or to receive literature for distribution contact: or call 01900 607500.

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