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Registering for an NHS Dentist in Cumbria

Please see below to find out how to access an NHS dentist in Cumbria and find out which surgeries are accepting new NHS patients.

Frequently asked questions and answers

I do not have a regular NHS Dentist, how can I gain access to one?

If you don’t currently have access to an NHS Dentist in Cumbria and you’d like to, please visit NHS Choices to see which dental surgeries in Cumbria are currently accepting new NHS patients.

Once you have found a surgery in the area near where you live please contact the surgery directly to arrange to get an appointment.

You can check availability via the NHS Choices home page use the 'Health Services near you' box and select 'dentist' and then type in your postcode or nearest town.

What if I can't find a dentist accepting NHS patients near where I live?

It may not always be possible to access an NHS dentist in the place where you live, therefore you may need to travel a bit further to visit your nearest available NHS dentist with available places.

There will be places available in every locality area and availability constantly changes so please keep an eye on NHS Choices for new places opening up.

If you are still struggling to find somewhere please contact the NHS Cumbria dental team for advice on 01228 602192 or 01228 602193.

What if I need emergency dental treatment?

For advice on an emergency dental problem ring 01228 603900 if you are in north Cumbria, or 01539 716822 if you are in south Cumbria.

What if I don’t live in Cumbria and wish to register with a dentist?

If you live outside Cumbria you cannot currently register for NHS dental treatment within the county.

However NHS Choices  can advise on availability of NHS dental places in most areas of the county.

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